Submission of Events

Inclusion of Events for On-Air Spots & Web Calendar


  • Does it cost anything to add an event on Barangay Billboard?
    Barangay Billboard is FREE as a courtesy to Asia Pacific-based non-profit organizations to broadcast their events and fundraisers, and we do not accept payment in exchange of including them on the web calendar or for airing them. Back To Top
  • How do I submit an event to Barangay Billboard?
    Please make sure that you include all the pertinent information about your event, including: Event title, start/end date(s), start/end time(s), event address, contact information, event description, and/or web site address or Facebook account that fans can visit. Back To Top
  • Do you accept ongoing events?
    No. All events must have a start date and an end date. Back To Top
  • Are you accepting events submissions that will take place in regions other than Asia Pacific?
    We are currently only accepting events that are organized by underserve communities in Asia Pacific, which have media information needs but are not serviced by News. Back To Top
  • Can I still submit my event even if it is for profit?
    Events selected must be submitted by or for the benefit of a nonprofit organization. Announcements that are for business or for-profit will have to go through our Ad Sales department for review. Back To Top

Inclusion of Events for On-Air Spots & Web Calendar

  • How are events selected?
    Events for the web calendar and TV spots are selected on a first-come, first serve basis. But we also take into account the event date, if the event meets our criteria, and if all the mandatory event information has been provided. Back To Top
  • How early can you broadcast my event online and on-air?
    Since the events are listed by date, we often try to prioritize the events that are scheduled sooner. But our staff will also take into consideration if the event meets our criteria and if all the mandatory event information has been provided. Back To Top
  • How would I know if my event was received?
    You should receive an automated email reply stating that we have received your event and are in the process of reviewing it. Back To Top
  • Will I be notified if my event is selected to air on The Filipino Channel?
    If we feature your event, we need not notify the sender of the event. *available in limited territories. Back To Top
  • Can I extend the airing of my event?
    To ensure that a majority of the events we receive are given equal on-air exposure, Barangay Billboard allots each selected event a maximum of one-week of air time on The Filipino Channel. *available in limited territories. Back To Top
  • Can I update or request an event to be re-voiced due to misspellings or mispronunciations?
    For this reason, please review your submission entry and include a phonetic pronunciation of names, if necessary, before clicking “submit”. Back To Top
  • Can I announce the cancellation of an event?
    We can remove your event from the web calendar if given enough lead time, but if the event is currently running on air, we cannot remove it from the spot or announce the event cancellation. Back To Top
  • What does it mean if I do not see my event online and/or on-air?
    If you do not see your event on our web calendar or on-air, it could mean a number of things:

    • Your event did not keep with the guidelines of Barangay Billboard
    • Your submission is missing important information
    • Your event did not meet our deadline for submission
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  • Who should I contact if the web site happens to not work properly or appears to be out of place on https://asiapacific.mytfc.com/barangay-billboard ?
    Please email us at customerserviceAP@abs-cbn.com and let us know the problems you encountered on our site. Back To Top

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